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Old 4th November 2011, 03:56 PM
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Default Thylacine customs

Hi all, long time no see!
I finally made something again. 2011 is the 75th anniversary of the thylacine's extinction, and I suddenly realized there are almost no models of this fascinating creature. No current, easily obtainable ones at any rate, and AFAIK none of the major brands have ever made one.
Time to remedy the situation!
Suitable bodies are hard to find -for all their doglike features, the thylacine's proportions are by no means interchangeable with those of any canid. Still, I decided to give it a try. (The alternative would be sculpting one from scratch, and I'm not even going to consider that option.)

My first one was made from the Newray beagle, of all things.
He's had a lot of work done to his head and hindquarters, and other than looking very small and chunky isn't too bad... I think that if thylacines had been domesticated instead of going extinct, we might have stubby little pet versions by now.

Thylacine 2.0, made from Newray brown lab:

As you can see, she's a much bigger, leggier specimen. I'm a lot happier with her head, it's not as jowly as the other's. It's pretty much 100% resculpted, too - snout, eyes, cheekbones, forehead, ears... And that scar on her upper lip is intentional, believe it or not.
Like the other one she's had a lot of work done on her hindquarters. Ankles lowered (though probably not enough) and thighs remuscled. Still a little too doglike though, and a little short in the back.
Oh, and if I may direct your attention toward the space between her legs (however impolite that may be) - look, pouch! Opens to the back, of course. I was tempted to have a pup sticking its head or tail out, but that proved way too fiddly.

And both together- As you can see, they're very different sizes and body types! A real thylacine would probably be somewhere in between these two. Still searching for the perfect body...
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Old 4th November 2011, 05:47 PM
drnarayanan drnarayanan is offline
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I appreciate your research . You have done it very dedicatedly . I love those 2 Thylacines versions. Especially the Labracine version . Much realistic than the thylagle .
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Old 6th November 2011, 09:22 PM
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Great looking figures. Thylacine is an animal that really needs to be done more often.
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Old 9th November 2011, 04:40 PM
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They really need to make more recently extinct animals, like the Dodo, or Quagga, or the Thylacine. im sure there are many more i cant even think of by you all know what i mean.
nice job, i like the beagle on better. the shorter legs look more correct to me.
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