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Due to recent purchases, the list of animals I'm currently interested in have slightly changed, here is the latest version.

Schleich before 2011
Black rhino (older standing version)
Schleich 2011
wolverine, Cape buffalo calf, arctic foxes, badgers, red foxes, emperor penguin with chick
Schleich retired
Giant anteater, Musk ox, Hippo female, Indian rhino calf, oryx.
Safari ltd.
Kapibara, roadrunner, brown bear with salmon, Indian elephant 2011 (not the huge one), flamingo.
Yak, bactrian camel, Indian elephant calf, mandril, young lion, lion cubs, Komodo dragon, hyena, Llama, okapi.
Cape buffalo, Black faced spoonbill (walking or standing), sea lion.
Hyena, wolves, leopard
Reptiles or penguines from box set, anteater with cub, armadillo, platypus, Ring-tailed lemur, Koala with cub.
Animals of Australia
I don't have any, so I would be interested in almost everything, but not the large version.

P.S. The Safari ltd. white rhino madel have been successfully traded, so I don't have it anymore.
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