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Originally Posted by drnarayanan View Post
Hi Valerie , can u just send me the store's link ? Or can u take pics. of the whole schleich unit in the shop and send me ? I am curious to know what other animals are there .
Well, for now, by memory, they have:
Made in Portugal
1- Grey Whales (calves and adults)
2- Humpback whales (calves and adults)
3- Sperm Whales (adults only)
4- Whale Shark
5- Great White Shark
6- Blue Shark
7- Walrus
8- Dolphin
9- Killer Whales (calves and adults)

Wild animals
1- Sea Lion
2- Polar Bears (cubs and adults)
3- Arctic fox
4- Ibex (both recent and retired)
5- Bald Eagle (both recent and retired)
6- Golden Eagle (retired)
7- Mallard Ducks (males, females, ducklings)
8- Lions (all recent, all males, females and cubs)
9- Tigers (all recent, all males, females and cubs)
10- African Elephants (whole family)
11- Asian Elephants (whole family)
12- Wolverine
13- Giraffes (all recent, many molds)
14- Warthogs (whole family)
15- Meerkats (whole family)
16- Male Hippopotamus
17- Black Rhinoceros
18- Zebras (whole family)
19- Yak
20- American Bison
21- Mother Kangaroo
22- Crocodile (2007)
23- Grizzly bears (whole family)
24- White Swan
25- Galapagos Tortoises (mother and baby)

Domestic animals
1- Frog
2- Mouse
3- Rat
4- Turtle
5- All horses (or almost all)
6- All bovines (or almost all)
7- Blue Rooster (made in Germany)
8- Golden Hen
9- Many rabbits
10- Many dog breeds
11- Many cats

1- Unicorn
2- Pegasus
3- Many elves
4- Green Dragon
5- Big Black Dragon
6- Big White Dragon
7- Baby Dragon in (fake) amethyst
8- All the "characters with animals", except chinese dragon set
9- Big castle

1- Many smurfs
2- Many cowboys and indians
3- A few trees

I'll see if they have a net site.
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