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Helen 11th March 2014 04:25 AM

Title photo....
I think changing the top photo is a great idea. Possibly even more than just once a month. I do think we should keep one restriction and that is that the photo has to contain either Playmobil or Schleich/other recognized toy animal.

I just realized that the fist day of spring is 9 or so days away so maybe someone can send a picture or if more arrive I'll use neutral judges to choose a spring photo.

After that I'd like members to decide which photos go up or if Rona has a list more or less ready to do then that's fine with me too.

Please post your ideas in this thread.

Rona 11th March 2014 11:18 AM

This is the list that I have so far of volunteers to provide a photo:
March -Karim
April -Berkwit
May - Mad Nick
June - Disnoke
July - Rona
August - Playmofire
September - Mad Nick
October - S_B
November -
December - Janette

I think it might be fun to have more than one photo a month if we have many photos that want to be displayed.
I'm not completely against having a photo competition. I just really like the idea that anyone who wants to provide a photo would get the chance to show off. :smile:

Other opinions? ideas?

irnm2001 11th March 2014 11:32 PM

I'm open to the idea of more than one picture per month. I'm just thinking it might me difficult to manage the process. How do we select the pictures and how often do we change them?

Mad Nick

Helen 12th March 2014 05:22 AM

I don't think you should pressure yourselves as to the photo. I think it's great that members want to show the pictures they create. I know that some people are great photographers, but it's also true that a very simple snapshot says as much as any other one.

If Berkwit is up for it - there's April Fool's day

Here's a calendar that might help with ideas.

Remember it's for fun.

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