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ageowns 7th December 2014 02:45 PM

Review with video of the Ferris Wheel
Lit up by, on Flickr

My birthday was two weeks ago and I got the Ferris Wheel!
Here is my review with some timelapse photos and video demonstrating it's movement (and noise)

Playmobil Ferris Wheel

irnm2001 7th December 2014 07:02 PM

It is an amazing set and you did a great review of it. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Mad Nick

Janette. 8th December 2014 09:28 AM

Thanks for sharing the review. I enjoyed the description, photos and film but ... now I really want the ferris wheel or at least to see it in action. What a beautiful piece. If only the boys were younger..
I am quite envious of you because not only do you this wonderful toy but a 7D with which to photograph it.. :biggrin: Two items high on my "if I won the lottery", wish list.
(It is a very optimistic wish list as I don't ever buy lottery tickets.)

Janette. 8th December 2014 09:30 AM

Oh and it is really nice to hear from you again "Ageowns".

irnm2001 8th December 2014 05:21 PM


Originally Posted by Janette. (Post 70429)
Oh and it is really nice to hear from you again "Ageowns".

I second that

Mad Nick

ageowns 11th December 2014 12:40 AM

I've been finding myself deeply "in" playmoworld or really out. I've got two or three custom jobs I'm trying to wrap up. And another review or two that I'm trying to get done... I'll try to keep up!

Thanks for checking it out.

And Janette... I just got the 6D... I looooove it. Wi-fi to drop images straight to the phone, plus I can control the camera with the phone.

The 7D just dropped in a price a few months ago, since the Mark ii came out...

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