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Abu Rai
8th October 2010, 06:41 PM
Hello everyone. Yes I know there are a lot of posts about scales, but I'm working on something.
I'm trying to select an scale for each animal I own, I created 3 groups: 1/32, 1/23 and 1/16. That's why I'm looking for human figurines at that scale, to size up them and imagine better his real size. I have some doubts about them, lets see if you share my point of view.


scale 1/32 aprox:
-Elephants (all of them)

scale 1/23 (aprox)
-Black rhinos

scale 1/16 (aprox)
-Wild boar and sow
-Grizzly bear


scale 1/23 (aprox)

scale 1/16 (aprox)


scale 1/32 (aprox)
-Arsinoitherium :confused:

scale 1/23 (aprox)
-Saber tooth tiger.

What do you think???:biggrin: